Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Modern business intelligence solutions must fulfil a multitude of requirements. One essential criterion is that the respective relevant information must be available to the users clearly arranged and in a timely fashion. For this, it is quite often necessary to compile different data sources and align them with one another. Additionally, mobile solutions are frequently requested to increase the degree of utilisation in sales organisations. Due to these requirements, a comprehensive and individualised planning of the needed solution is of great significance.

Workflow of our BI solutions

Our advantages:

Comprehensive know-how in the healthcare sector – The healthcare industry features a whole range of specific data sources. These sources are our daily bread so that it does not pose any problem for us to take into consideration the respective peculiarities.

Provider-independent – We are not a provider of a standardised BI solution. As a result, we can flexibly address the specific requirements of our customers, and jointly conceptualise and quickly implement the ideal solution.

Flexible in the selection of the platform – Our expertise enables us to be completely free in the choice of platform. Based on the objective, we implement web applications, mobile apps in iOS or Windows, as well as classic desktop applications within the shortest period of time.

SALETELLIGENCE supports its customers in the whole process, from the development of BI solutions to the planning and conceptualisation via the compilation of relevant data all the way to the implementation of the corresponding tools.